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Competitive pricing structure tailored to your needs

We are proud that we can offer timely, complete and effective support to our clients.
You can choose one of our available service programs dependent on your requirements and needs of your organisation:

Service programme 1 is a daily rate
Service programme 2 is a completion rate package - subject to quote
Service programme 3 (typically Fixed Term Contract or Interim Management) is a longer supplier contract to cover a range of services over a period of a few months - subject to quote

Once we have discussed your individual requirements and assessed the work load and timelines we will be able to provide you with a quote.

Here are some examples of how packages could work for you:

Service programme 1 could be a one day meeting with stakeholders as your representative, to discuss and report back on qualification development initiatives and/or regulation changes and would therefore be best suited as a daily rate payment for services.

Service programme 2 would be suited to a short term project such as a regulatory health check to include desk based research and reporting. Or scoping out new qualifications and development.

Service programme 3 would suit a company that requires on-going specialist support during a developmental phase, for example if they had recently become an awarding organisation and required input to get processes and procedures set up. Or perhaps a new centre that has been approved to run qualifications and start up support and quality assurance processes developed. Alternatively an organisation may need ongoing interim management or coordination of an activity. 

Please email us to discuss your requirements and we can call you back for and obligation free chat to discuss whether we may be able to help you.

Sam Taylor
Director of Education






About Us
What we do
Costs and Contact